Rules and Regulations


►Competitions must book-in and surrender their transmitters before 1 Hour   Before the Event Starts on July 02, 2011.

►A mandatory flight briefing for pilots and callers will be held at 30minutes before the event starts on July 02, 2011.

►Transmitter Frequencies must be in the FAI International Competition Band 34.950 to 35.300MHz (ch55 to 90) or 2.4GHz.

►All competitors must be fully registered and paid in fully by no later than June 30,  2011 in order to be covered by insurance. Failure to formally register and pay, will not be allowed to participate due to no insurance coverage.


►In all cases of dispute the Judges and Organizers decision is final.

►All aircraft and equipment must be stored in the designated pits area when not in use.

►Pilots and Callers will obey Code of Conduct and wear supplied 3DX passes when Airside.

►A Flight Line will be clearly marked. Flight behind this line will result in the round being disqualified. Repeated violation will result in disqualification from the competition.

►The competition will operate under the ‘peg-on’ system, whereby the transmitter may only be switched on when the designated frequency peg is handed to the competitor by the organizers. Under no circumstances may a transmitter be switched on or an engine ran without the appropriate peg being attached tot he transmitter, ANYWHERE ON SITE AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT JULY 02, 2011.

► A Starting box and a Flying box will be available to competitors. When a competitor’s turn is called he will enter at the starting box with his Caller and start his engine.

►On Clearance of the Flying Box by the previous competitor, the competitor will be beckoned to the Flying  Box , where he will await clearance from the Flightline Director before beginning his flight.

►The Caller is responsible for calling Set Manoevres, for making the Competitor aware of the progress of time through all his flights and to act as an extra pair of eyes in avoiding danger.

►Once a flight has started, Judging will begin and NO re-fly will be allowed.

►After his flight, the Competitor must clear his equipment and return his transmitter to TX Control immediately.

►When not flying, competitors must not distract other Competitors, nor obscure the view of Spectators.


Members of Public will be in attendance at 3DX Philippines, and so safety must be given utmost priority. Never must a machine be flown out of sight of the Pilot, nor behind the Flight Line. If at anytime the machine does fly behind this line, the line pilot will be asked to land and that will conclude that round. Repeated violations of this rule will result in disqualification.


Interrupted Flight – definition

In set manoeuvres, the flight is deemed to have begun when the first Set Manoeuvre is completed. Up until this time, the Caller may call ‘abort’ and the pilot may land and his flight be re-scheduled to the end of the current round.

In Flight to Music and Freestlye, the flight is deemed to have begun when the Caller drops his flag to mark the start of the flight.

Interrupted Flight – e.g crash or aircraft failure

►Judges mark up to the point of the crash, the crash not marked.

►The Round is forfeited there onwards.

►Contestant may continue with further rounds if the machine can be repaired in time.

Interrupted Flight – 3DX fault or reason outside control of 3DX

(e.g. weather, encroachment of flight line by unauthorized person, animals etc.)

►Pilot will restart flight from the beginning when flying recommences or may fly at the end of the round (Pilot’s Choice)

Failure to start

The Pilot may be scheduled back into the end of that wound and is then allowed a maximum 3 minutes for restart.

A draw at a strategic point in the event

► Highest Score in the ‘Set’ Manoeuvres or Music to suit the situation.


 The Set Manoeuvres round has a maximum time which it must be completed, the Judges will look away and not score after this time reached.

►The Flight to Music and Freestyle rounds each have a designated time. The Judges will look away and not score after this time is reached.


►3 minutes are allocated for each Competitor to show their overall Freestyle Flying ability. Judges are looking for



c. Planned structure

d. Personal flying style

►’Props’ and Pyrotechnics used to augment the flight must be safe and no solid object may leave the aircraft during flight.

►Background music to be used during the flight (optional) must be supplied to the Organizers by June 30, or July 01, 2011.

►Competitors have an overall 5 minutes in which to enter the flight box, complete their schedule and leave the flight box.

Set Manoeuvres

►Entrants are required to select 5 manoeuvres from the 40 Set Manoeuvres listed.

►Entrants must fly their chosen manoeuvres in order indicated o their entry forms and have an overall 5 minutes in which to enter the flight box, complete their schedule and leave the flight box.

►Callers must clearly indicate the name of each manoeuvre, it’s beginning and it’s end.

►Each manoeuvre is marked out of a ‘perfect 10′, and then that score is multiplied by the allocated ‘k’ factor for the manoevre.

►The height at which manoeuvres are flown is at the discretion at the Pilot. The Judges will however take height into consideration in their making.

Flight to Music

Expert entrants will fly Own Flight to Music and Set Flight to Music.

►In the Own Flight to Music round each competitor  should compose his (her) own sequence of manoeuvres to suit music of his (her) own choice, presented for playing on Audio CD by June 30 or July 01, 2011. The flight will be judged for

a. synchronisation

b. overall appearance

c. technical merit

►All Set Music is 120 seconds long. Judging will  begin when the music begins and end when the music ends. Competitors have an overall 3 minutes in which to enter the flight box, complete their schedule and leave the flight box.


►Scores will be published at the end of each day and at the end of the competition. They will also appear on the website__________as soon as practicable.


►Appeals must be lodged and recorded within 15minutes of an alleged incident, and will be dealt with as soon as practicable. In all cases the decision of the Judges and the Contest Director is final.


►Communications is leading up to the event will normally be by email. It is important that emails are answered promptly and accurately. Persistent failure to do so may result in withdrawal from the competition.

Organization – More details to be announced closer to the date of the event

►The Preliminary Set Manoeuvres round willtake place in the Morning right until Noon which includes Set Manoeuvres, Freestlye and Flight to Music on July o2, 2011. All competitions will take part in these rounds.

►In the afternoon any of the finalists or the top 3 competitors from each group will take part in a further Freestlye, Set Manoeuvres and/or Flight to Music Fly-off to decide the overall winners in each class.