3DX Win Win Lotto

Below are the Rules and Guidelines On How to Avail the PROMO.


Prizes to be won:


























Mr.Luis Sayoc winner of the first prize the JR VIBE 50 NEX














Mr. Russell Cuy Winner of the 2nd prize JR PROPO XG8























Archie winning JR Gyro 770T and JR MP80G Brushless Servo










Mr. Alfy Teodoro winning the 3pcs DS8925 JR Digital Servo, KBDD Paddles for 90 size and KBDD Tail blades for 90 size.






























Mr. JF Lopez winning Scorpion Motor

















Mr. Bryan Te winning Scorpion Motor






















Mr. John Laurel winning Phoenix ICE 75






















Mr. Douglas Cooprider winning Castle Link





















Lovely Cherry M. Nodado winning Ice HV 100




























Mr. Ronnie Cuy winning the Digital Pitch Gauge from RC Logger

























Mr. Bryan Te winning the Seacraft Neckstrap
































Mr. Russel Cuy winning the TX Tray and Neckstrap Double from Secraft


























































Mr. Cesar Buelva winning K&S Exhaust Deflector, Aluminum Exhaust Plug & Skid Stops










1. The price of the 3DX Win Win Raffle Ticket ticket is PhP500.00 each

2. Volume purchases of the 3DX Win Win Raffle Ticket will be granted a 20% discount if a participant buys 5 tickets at a time, thus a 20% discount is provided.  This makes the price look very much like “Buy 5 Tickets, But Pay for 4 Tickets Only” . This volume discount is only applicable on a buy 5 pay for 4 situation.  No discounts will be granted to purchases that are not in quantities of 5 tickets.  Availing of discounts is only granted when multiples of 5 tickets are purchased each time and must be paid in full in order to qualify for the discount.
3. Group buying discount transaction only applies when the buyer or buyers of the ticket act as a single unit, meaning the tickets are all bought at the same time under a single transaction and paid for in full under a single payment with no installments etc.
4. List of Prizes are posted on http://3dxphilippines.com/3dx-lotto/ and the winning numbers shall also be posted on the same URL link.
5. Payments can be made and in cash or bank direct deposit - no credit cards.
6. All prizes won are final and no cash equivalent exchange and no exchanges for other products are allowed.
7. Claiming of prizes must be accompanied by the original ticket stub.  No photo copies or other unauthenticated proof of winnings shall be accepted.

For those who wants to join the 3DX Win Win Lotto Program, please click HERE to fill up the form: