Interview with Jeff Baringer

January 11, 2011 in News Blog

Again, while I was in China, I was also fortunate enough to talk to the Founder of 3D Master & 3DX International, Jeff Barringer himself in person.  Jeff and I got along well also and I got to ask

many questions regarding the mechanics, tips and pointers on how to organize such an event etc.  Most importantly, he was very open to the idea that Philippines holding a 3DX event which encouraged and inspired me to organize one in the Philippines.

The best analogy that I could come up with after my numerous conversations with him for the Philippine audience is something along the lines of Basketball.  In the Philippines, people love and understand basketball, but don’t know much about 3D Masters or 3DX etc.  In a nutshell, basketball international authority agency is obviously the “NBA” and the local basketball authority in the Philippines is called the “PBA.”  These two agencies represent different demographics in which one is international while the other one is local.  However the both have something in common, they both utilize the same standardized rules when it comes to holding and managing the basketball game.  Therefore sometimes, if someone who plays for the PBA is good enough to play for the NBA, they have a chance to get drafted to the big leagues.  With 3D Master and 3DX, the relationship is the same, which means, 3D Masters and 3DX employ the same standardized rules and regulations, therefore winners of the local 3DX events in one particular country can be invited to attend 3D Masters at the international level.

3DX Philippines is an event which “its time has come” and organizing this event in the Philippines is not just an opportunity but and honor to allow aspiring Filipinos who are endowed with the necessary skills a platform to “LEVEL UP” and be recognized internationally.

Here’s my interview with Jeff Barringer:

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