Interview with Curtis Youngblood

January 10, 2011 in News Blog

While I attended 3DX China this past November 2010 I was fortunate enough to finally meet Curtis Youngblood face to face and in person. This man has been called the “GODFATHER OF 3D FLYING“ His achievements and contributions to the world or RC Heli flying over the last 20 years have greatly influenced 3D flying today. This meeting was significant for me because I have always been inspired by his design and concept of RC Helicopters. It was the “JR Vigor CS (Curtis Special) Helicopter” that he modified and fine tuned together with the “Muscle Pipe One” that got me hooked on Heli Flying. Here is what he has to say about 3DX China that inspired me to organize 3DX Philippines.

Here’s the clip of my interview with Curtis Youngblood:

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