Interview with Andy Jiang

January 11, 2011 in News Blog

 During the time that I was in China, I got to know Andy Jiang the organizer of 3DX China and got along with him well.  I could not help but be inspired by his accomplishments and how well 3DX China turned out even though it was his first time organizing this event.  Spectators reached a whopping 3,000 and 40 pilots participated in which 31 came from all over China and most impressively 9 other participants came all the way from countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, England, Italy and even Canada.  This is another reason why I thought that Philippines should “LEVEL UP” to this category.  The best part is that based on the fact that we got along well, he further extended the idea that if I hold a 3DX event in the Philippines, he is willing to accept selected winners of 3DX Philippines to compete in 3DX China.

Here’s the video of my interview with Andy Jiang the organizer of 3DX China.


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