3DX Philippines 2011 Winners


1st place: Dondi Bañares

Origin: Iloilo City

Score: 84 %

2nd place: Marlon Basti Sauza

Origin: Quezon City. Philippines

Score:  75.6%

3rd place: Alleson Karl Daroy

Origin: Cebu City, Philippines

Origin: 60.4%




1st place: Kan Poonnoi

Origin: Bangkok, Thailand

Score: 75.85%


2nd placeIan Davin Rosales

Origin: Iloilo City, Philippines

Score: 54.99%


3rd priceLudwig Llanora

Origin: Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Score: 49.3375%




1st place: Name: Worasorn Subsri

Origin: Bangkok, Thailand

Score: 78.513%

2nd place: Adrian Mohd Adnan

Origin: Jalan tun Ismail, Malaysia

Score: 71.48%

3rd place: Bryan Te

Origin: Iloilo City, Philippines

Score: 70.7505%

3DX Philippines 2011 Winners


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3DX Philippines 2011 Winners

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