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 is an all encompassing support structure that deals with aerobatic remote control helicopter flight. It is however difficult to fully understand the simple statement of “support structure” without understanding its full scope and function. Therefore utilizing an analogy familiar to all Filipinos in order to parallel this simple statement is necessary in order to fully understand and appreciate the definition of 3DX.


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A very common sport that the majority of Filipinos know and love is basketball. This game is played right in the middle of the streets in shanty areas, in the provinces next to muddy lawns and almost anywhere where people can make a small hoop ten feet above ground and a bouncing ball to turn any empty open space into a basketball court. Official basketball courts with a standardized full court facility and hoop ten feet high are also found in every village, school, even office parking lots and of course arenas or Colosseum. People of all ages play this sport all the way from the streets to elementary schools to high school and right up to college, university or professional level and even senior citizens.
The common factor regarding this particular sport is that the game is played with a standardized rules and format followed by everyone all the way from kids playing in the street to villages and their little leagues or senior leagues, same with colleges or university and right up to local professional and international professional levels. This is a perfect example of standardization, where everybody knows the rules and format of the game and plays within its framework. By utilizing the standardized format of having a ten feet hoop to having five players on each team on the court at any one time, obeying the boundaries within the designated court space and following the guidelines such as dribbling the ball when moving, no tacking or body contact against opposing players etc. have fostered a strong understanding on how the game is played throughout the world. Due to the players compliance to the standardized rules and format, participants need not need to worry about how the game should be played anywhere in the world and each player could whole heartedly concentrate on skill development in playing the game better, thus raising the quality for all participants of this sport in all levels of participation.
The highest and most respected governing body for the game of basketball within the country is called the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), while the highest international governing body which sets the standards all around the world is called the NBA (National Basketball Association). Talented players can make a career out playing basketball professionally in the PBA circuit. For some super talented players, they might even get drafted to play in the international league called the NBA.
The NBA or the PBA are the guardians of the structured format and rules of the basketball game. Therefore if any changes to the current structured standards will affect all standards right down the hierarchy from professional down to university level to colleges to elementary and everyone who plays basketball. Example, if the NBA announces that it would be raising its hoops up from the current standard ten feet high to twelve feet high as a new standard, then all official basketball courts throughout the world would have to raise their hoops by two feet to comply with this new format. This is the beauty of standardization whereby everybody understand the rules of the game and knows that compliance creates “fair play” thus resulting in equal opportunity for any participants to function with ease within the standardized framework and can whole heartedly concentrate on developing relevant appropriate skills in order to excel in the game rather than worrying or wondering if new rules or standards will need to be implemented or changed sooner or later.
3DX is like the equivalent of PBA in this country, it deals with local talents, whereas the NBA of 3D heli flying is called 3D Masters which handles talent far exceeding the local levels and are LEVEL UP to international standards. The pilots who win in local 3DX competition gets invitations to compete on an international level called 3D Masters. It is like a great ball player playing for the PBA and finally getting picked or drafted to play in the NBA.


Here is Jeff Barringer, founder of 3DX and 3D Masters to explain:

3DX Competition format can be described as follows: (To View Official Explanation visit www.fly3dx.com/3dxFormat.php)

The Judges are stationed under a tent about 15 meters behind the pilot. The pilot faces an open field with the Helicopter about 5 meters in front and a caller or assistant beside about half a meter away and slightly behind the pilot. The entrant will be asked to fly 5 Set Maneuvers from a list of 40 produced each year and will also need to fly a 3 minute Freestyle sequence. With the very elite pilots, they will be given the opportunity to demonstrate Flight to Music but this is only for elite pilots.














The 3DX format encompasses some basic terminology one must know in regards to 3DX and 3D Masters.
JUDGES- are a panel of people who are experienced with flying 3D and are capable or qualified to judge the competition.

PILOT-the one that holds the transmitter and flies the RC Helicopter

CALLER OR ASSISTANT – a helper who assist the pilot in carrying the helicopter as well as communicating to the judges and audience the intent of the pilot.

Set Maneuvers – pre-defined set of flight patterns along with its set of specified names with preset degrees of difficulty. An official list of over 40 predefined flight patterns along with their degree of difficulty are illustrated in www.fly3dx.com/setManoeuvres.php

K-Factor – is a symbol indicating level of difficulty for each set maneuvers and are expressed as K-1, K-1.5, K-2.0, K-2.5 or K-3.0 and the level of difficulty ranges from 1 to 3 where the one represents less while three represents the most difficult maneuver.

Freestyle Flying – is a 3 minute flight program whereby a pilot aerobatically flies the remote control helicopter in a continuous series of maneuvers demonstrating mastery of skill, control and artistic style thus can be interpreted by the audience as the pilot’s self expression manifested through the helicopter.

Flight to Music – is again a 3 minute flight program whereby a pilot aerobatically flies the remote control helicopter in a continuous series of maneuvers to the rhythm of their chosen music just like dancing the helicopter in the air and impressing the audience.

The event is usually divided into two or three groups depending on the level of skill of the participating pilots. Sportsman often refers to participants who can achieve K Factor difficulty rating of 1 to 2 while Experts are for pilots capable of exhibiting 1.5 to 3 rating on the K Factor.

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